Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Hattie Sanderson

Craftworx studio is proud to host Metal Clay, Master Class Summer School 2010
Hattie is a world leading metal clay artist and tutor; she will be delivering two workshops one on the 5th June - Lidded Vessel and beautiful hollow form with fitted stopper lid
Then the 6th June is Hattie’s very popular spinner ring. These sunning rings will leave you amazed at the construction methods, Hattie's unique teaching style is generous in information sharing if you are and advancing enthusiast or practising instructor on the masters Registry programme you won't want to miss this amazing opportunity. For further details log on to www.craftworx.co.uk click the link to master classes

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Amougst the jet lag with emotional highs and low, What am amazing busy week we have had, every minute of everyday was jam packed. with bearly anytime to stop and reflect on it all. now back home I'm still digesting the whole experience, the factory tour to view the reclimation process of the silver was facinating, our two days working with Royota in the workshops was inspiring, learning new techniques and projects, with a little time for sight seeing to expeirence the culture of Japan it has been brilliant. Life is full of treasures just like this

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Konichwa From Japan

we had a very long 24 hour journey to finally reach the hotel, dumped the bags and went straight out for something to eat. As we ended up in a sushi bar I hardly ate a thing cos I really don't like fish. After a good night sleep, we went to the Aida factory, the tour was facinating to see how the process happens. After lunch we went around the local historical park,with traditional samuri houses set among some of the cherry blossom trees as they are just coming into bloom. later we opted to visit the beer factory, so a quick break for a free beers was great, Cheers, back then to Aida Studio, to buy some new tools and products. looking forward to playing with those when I get them home.
We found a great resturant to eat, and I enjoyed every last bit of it.